Bermuda pendant


The newness and distinctiveness of the company’s Bermuda pendant design resides in the shape of 60 polypropylene triangles that fit together to form the light.

The Bermuda is a creative project for the customer to assemble. Visit our assembly line for detailed instructions and a video on bringing the pendant together.

The triangles are uniquely designed to create twelve star shapes that join together to form the pendant. Inspired by the company name, customers are able to buy the light in a mixture of four colours, allowing them to be creative in the way they assemble the Bermuda.


Feature 1

The Bermuda pendant is currently available in white, black, grey and mandarin. The pendants come in three sizes measuring 29cm, 42cm and 60cm in diameter.


Feature 2

Once assembled, the Bermuda pendant attaches to the electrical cord without the need to disassemble the components of a cord-kit to hang the light.

Image 03.jpg

Feature 3

Once illuminated the Bermuda pendant projects distinctive, interlacing patterns designed to capture attention and create ambience.