Assembly line

The light should be installed by a qualified electrician. 

The Bermuda pendant is designed to be a creative project for the customer to assemble. The average assembly time for the Bermuda Pendant is 40 minutes. Follow our video guidance.

Step 1

Divide the 60 triangles into 12 stacks of five.

Step 2

To create the spherical shape of the Bermuda pendant each group of five triangles must be joined correctly. Select the first stack of triangles. On each triangle, identify the side where the holes are closest together. The indicator on the right edge of the instruction sheet will assist you. Hold each triangle against the appropriate indicator (depending on the Bermuda pendant size purchased) to find the holes which match the solid black lines.

Step 3

Take ten arrow clips and join together five of the triangles as shown in Figure 1.  The five-piece shape created should be concave with the rounded side of the arrow clips on the outside. Continue until all 12 stacks are completed. You will now have 12 concave five-piece shapes.



The arrow clips have been designed to fit snuggly. To prevent damage to your table, try placing the arrow clips upside-down on a firm surface, such as a placemat. Push the triangles down on to the arrow clips.

Step 4

Now join 11 of the concave five-piece shapes together to make the sphere using a further 50 arrow clips. See Figure 2. You will now have only one five-piece shape remaining.


Step 5

The largest Bermuda pendant (60cm diametre) weights 1kg. The cord used must be able to accommodate this weight.
You will not have to dismantle any of the electrical components to attach the pendant. Thread the cord through the transparent star-shaped attachment (provided). Then thread the cord through the centre of the remaining five- piece shape and join the star-shaped attachment to the centre of the five-piece shape, unfasten a few arrow clips if needed. See Figure 3. The centre, middle and outer holes of the star-shaped attachment match the 29cm, 41cm and 60cm pendants respectively.


Step 6

Position the cord grip (provided) on to the cord. It should be at your desired location on the cable with the narrower end towards the ceiling. We suggest positioning the cord grip on the cable with the light globe situated just above the centre of the pendant. The star-shaped attachment will then clip onto the cord grip, from the inside of the pendant, to hold the light in place.

Step 7

Join the remaining five-piece shape with the cord now attached to the sphere using the ten remaining arrow clips.

Changing the globe

The globe is easily changed by reaching through one of the gaps in the design or by undoing a few arrow clips. Don’t be shy; you can rip the triangles apart.


Before cleaning, switch the light off.  The Bermuda pendant can be cleaned gently with a soft cloth or a feather duster.